Feather Flag

Feather Flag

Our #1 Economy Feather Flags are cheap outdoor advertising banner flag sign solutions that could immediately boost traffic for your business or events. All our custom feather banners are made of thick and strong outdoor flag grade polyester fabric.  All our indoor or outdoor feather flags are printed by dye-sublimation which has been optimized to last longer in any outdoor weather conditions.

Feather Flags - cheap wholesale discount (over 50% SAVINGS)

No need to wait for SALE! No Discount Coupon required! #1 Economy Feather Flags simply always offer you the cheapest wholesale discount for you to enjoy the biggest savings. So you could retain more financial budget for your other advertising expenses of your events, shops, restaurants and trade shows.

What are Feather Flags?

Feather Flags (on retractable-banner-stands.com) are named simply because of the feather shape. However, it is worth to note that feather banners are also widely known as swooper flags and flying flags. Custom Feather Flags are cheap outdoor advertising banner sign display solution, which are widely used for both Outdoor Sports events and Indoor Trade Shows. The name comes from the feather flying shape. There are also other derivatives in different shapes, and they are known as teardrop banners, swooper displays, flying signs. All these are popular Church Banners for various weekend events. FAST1banner – the leading Feather Flags online shop, offer you the #1 Economy Custom Feather Banners cheap from $9+ with FREE Shipping USA nationwide (order over $150).


How to design my own Custom Feather Flags?

Our easy online designer tool, let you customize your own full color Custom Feather Flags [Cheap + FREE Ship USA] fast in just a few minutes. You could personalize your Advertising Flags with any color, graphics, text, logo, image or even photo. There is no limitation to what you want to print to advertise and sell. All these are the advantages of the best and most advanced dye-sublimation custom printing technology we used. This applies thermal dye to heat fix the ink particle to fuse permanently to the polyester fabric flag. This makes our Feather Flags durable and long lasting even in the harsh outdoor environments.

What are the advantages to use Custom Feather Banners for outdoor advertising?

  1. Lightweight and highly portable advertising flag display sign.  Our Teardrop Banner is easily disassembled, and the carrying dimension is highly compact to lower the cost of traveling and transportation.
  2. Heavy Duty and sturdy for Outdoor windy conditions.
  3. The Display Pole Set are specially designer to stretch tension the fabric, so the flag would be always displayed as a flying sign without the need of any wind.  This makes it also commonly called as windless flags.
  4. All our pole base options have rotating mechanism to let the wind fly and flip freely with the wind direction.  This makes our signs more durable even in the most windy environments.

Feather Flags - FAQ

1. What is the material of your Feather Flags made of?

Our #1 Economy Feather Flags are all made of the strong and durable 130gm thick polyester fabric.  This is a thicker than average standard flag material that provide longer lasting even in the outdoor harsh weather conditions.

2. Is there any limitation on the number of Colors, for the printing of your Custom Feather Flags?

We use the most advanced CMYK dye-sublimation digital printing to produce all our Custom Feather Banner & Flags.  The technology let us easily print any type of graphic images or even photo pictures with any color combinations. So the answer is there is simply no restriction on the number of colors you have on your design.  We do not charge ant extra cost for more colors or even photos.

The background color is also printed out digitally! So you do not have to worry about the limited choice on the availability of the fabric background color.  Simply design in whatever background color of your own choice, or even gradient or full graphic background is acceptable to us.

3. Can we use gold or silver color on your Custom Feather Banners?

Yes, we could use special glossy fabric with a metallic sheen, to produce the custom flags to have Gold, Silver or other metallic color look.